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About Inventions Archimhead inc.

Our history

We are a Quebec and Canadian company of innovation, whose mission is to improve the daily life of people and the environment. We create new high quality and durable products for you. Thus avoiding the use of several poor quality towels, by only one of high quality. Our desire to offer a fun and rewarding shopping experience is at the heart of all our actions. We believe that these days, customers should be able to buy high quality products at affordable prices, wherever they are.


Discover our Sport towels, our Beach / Bath towels and our famous Outdoor towels.

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Archimhead microfiber towel
Archimhead fast dry towel
Archimhead gym towel
Archimhead antibacterial towel
Archimhead suede microfibre towel
Archimhead gym towel
Archimhead sport towel
Archimhead running towel
Archimhead runner towel

The lowest prices in the industry

The fact that our company is specialized in towels and that we have a high sales volume. We can lower our prices dramatically for you and you benefit from high quality towels.

Our types of towels



80 cm x 150 cm

115 cm x 200 cm

1 color available




Free delivery in Canada

Serviette Plage rose


75 cm x 150 cm

8 colors available


rouge sport.png


30 cm x 80 cm

8 colors available


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