The Archimhead fountain cover for women is multifunctional. They can be used as a beach towel, picnic blanket, mattress cover, groundsheet, tent bottom, windbreaker and rain shelter.


They are machine washable.


A combination of a beach towel and a ground sheet.


A very absorbent fabric above and a waterproof fabric below. The best of both worlds !


This Archimhead Fountain Woman Cover is designed to protect against damage.


Liquids do not pass through the blanket.


Each Archimhead fountain cover includes its storage bag made of the same materials. The interior is waterproof and the exterior is very absorbent. We can put our hand inside and wipe ourselves off with it.

Duo Couverture pour femme fontaine Archimhead Large

C$119.98 Regular Price
C$107.98Sale Price

    Serviette Large: 80 cm x 150 cm

    Sac-serviette: 18 cm x 27 cm x 4 cm



    Côté absorbant: microfibre de suède (80% polyester et 20% polyamide)
    Côté imperméable: 100% polyester


    Bleu Caraïbes



    Large: 0,77 lb / 332 g

    Sac-serviette: 0,11 lb / 50 g


    Délai de livraison en jours ouvrables: Québec 2, Canada 4, États-Unis 6, ailleurs 9.

  • All of our products have a 90-day manufacturing warranty. If any component of the coverage is defective, simply return the coverage to us with proof of payment and we will replace it.

    Our return address is as follows:

    Archimhead Inventions inc. 270, avenue des Chenes, Sainte-Marie, Quebec, Canada, G6E 1Z1


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