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Archimhead waterproof Squirt blanket

Are Archimhead towels Dry or Archi-Dry?

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The Archimhead Squirt blankets for women are multifunctional. They can be used as a waterproof blanket. That can be placed on a mattress, sofa or other suitable place.



They are machine washable and dryable.


A combination of a towel and a waterproof canvas.

Highly absorbent fabric on top and waterproof fabric below. The best of both worlds !

These unique Archimhead Squirt Covers are designed to prevent fluids from passing through.

No more stains and wet fabrics on your mattress, couch or whatever.

Each fountain sheet includes a storage bag made from the same materials. The interior is waterproof and the exterior is very absorbent. You can store all kinds of fun objects in it. We can also insert our hand inside and wipe with it.



The 4 pockets with velcro under the towel can create a game of surprises ... Why not hide sex objects or oils of all kinds? It's your turn!

Very absorbent

A very absorbent fabric on it. Made of high quality 200 GSM microfiber suede fabric (grams per square meter). High fluid absorption capacity!


A waterproof fabric underneath. Made of polyester. Processed during manufacture, so that it is as durable and efficient as possible. Water, body fluids, and moisture do not pass through the towel.


Each towel includes its storage or transport bag. Ideal for depositing your soiled items after use. Easy to clean since the towel bag is waterproof on the inside.

Large towel bag size: 19cm x 26cm x 3cm

X-Large Towel Bag Size: 21cm x 28cm x 5cm.

Fast drying

The absorbent fabric is thin which allows it to dry quickly. The waterproof fabric prevents the absorbent fabric from getting wet with damp ground.


Ultra compact

The fabrics have been selected so that the towel is as compact as possible.



The suede microfiber composition (80% polyester + 20% polyamide) makes it a soft touch towel.



Fabrics are made of synthetic fibers and bacteria do not grow in them. No more bad odors increase. The fabrics that make up the towel and the towel bag are approved by the SGS-CSTC standards control center.


Sand resistant

The absorbent fabric on the top is smooth and tightly woven to prevent dirt from entering the mesh of the fabric. A simple wave of the hand and that's it! The fabric underneath is treated during its manufacture so that dirt does not stick on it.

Ultra light

You will be impressed with the weight relative to the size of the towel. The materials chosen have been carefully selected to optimize ease of transport.

Non abrasive

The soft and smooth fabric adds a quality of being non-abrasive to the skin. Your sunscreen or the like will stay on your skin. If you have skin that is sensitive to the touch, you will appreciate its softness.

Sizes and weights

X-LARGE 115cm x 200cm

676 g

LARGE 80 cm x 150 cm

332 g

They can be personalized when ordering 1 unit or more.

Archimhead Squirt Blanket
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Free Storage bag

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