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Multi-Function Microfiber Towel | New York | archimhead

New York: Archimhead Multifunction microfiber towels specific for sports, bathing, beach, outdoors, antibacterial, quick drying, sex towel...

Our multifunctional towels

Archimhead is the creator of  multifunction towels  made of suede microfiber . A combination of polyester and polyamide that gives some models a second 100% polyester waterproof layer.


The fabric that makes up Archimhead towels is a high-end fabric intended for athletes and travelers. Cotton has always been the fabric of choice for making towels, unlike the suede microfiber fabric,  made of synthetic fibers and which makes up our towel models available as outdoor towels, beach swimwear, antibacterial sports .... 


Our synthetic fiber towels do not allow the development of bacteria so there are no bad odors , which is a very important advantage. 


In addition, the   suede microfiber   gives our towel:   lightness, rapid drying, reduced thickness, reduced thickness.  


Washable at will, however Do not use fabric softeners risk of reduced absorption capacity. A few washes will have to be done to regain its full absorption capacity afterwards. 


You will appreciate the suede microfiber towels!

serviette microfibre multifonction
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